Your future in control at Beyuna

Welcome to Beyuna’s Business website,

My name is Lucas Ijsbrandy, Chief Executive Officer of Beyuna. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share Beyuna’s vision with you. If key concepts like “Designing a World where People come first” and “Your Future in Control” appeal to you, you have come to the right site.

Beyuna has developed a concept that offers you the chance to become part of a movement. The movement’s goal is to provide you with tools to live an autonomous life. Within this context, living autonomously implies financial independence. Issues like: will I keep my job, what about my pension, what does my weekly schedule look like, what is essential and what is optional, how do I finance my health, my children’s education and my parents’ care while leaving an inheritance which will additionally be indexed for inflation?

An offer no one can refuse! Our society is currently in a transition period where you can lose out, or you can adjust to circumstances and end up on top. Beyuna makes this possible by connecting consumers via state-of-the art online tools (website, App, Cloud Office etc.), affiliated marketing and dropshipping combined with a modern lifestyle concept. Beyuna “The New Difference” is up there with Airbnb, Über, etc. I’m sure of that.

I wish you all the best for your next “Beyuna your future in control” event and look forward to meeting you in person soon.

With kind regards, Lucas Ijsbrandy