Testimonial Renuka

My name is Renuka de Kunder and I live with my boyfriend Marco Verhoeven in a small farm in Overloon. Marco has a son Kyan and I have two daughters Jasmijn and Madelief. I have been a teacher for several years; I have been a school social worker and I have worked as a guest teacher at the HAN in Nijmegen. I taught the course environment-oriented work to students of the eduction Social Work and Services.

In recent years I have been active as a writer. In addition, I am the initiator, driving force and chairperson of a unique playground ‘Gewoon Buiten' in Overloon. I am also a freedom fighter and that’s how I came into contact with Dennis and Lotte Verhoeven. Dennis is a cousin of Marco and through a meeting at Dennis and Lotte's home we started talking about Beyuna and her products. Marco and I went to try the products and despite being very critical, we both noticed different results within a week. We were impressed and we wanted to try more products. Of course, I had already started thinking about becoming either a customer or a distributor.

Since health is and has always been a very important and interesting topic to me, I was eager to learn more about what it means to be a distributor. After a short presentation about this, I was immediately enthusiastic. I became a distributor in August 2021 and immediately wanted to go for a 15% discount. This was a risk I was taking at the time. After all, I still had some savings and knew that I didn't want to leave this in the bank anyway, given the uncertain time in which we live. There was a risk for me because I was receiving a minimum benefit at that time. However, I am someone who likes to get out of her comfort zone and took the risk carefully. After all, I wanted to get rid of my benefit, because imagine that they will immediately require a QR code to keep your benefit. Everything came my way at just the right time, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

I organized my first 'warm market' at the end of August and a lot of people came here right away. I sampled everyone two products and cried that night for how much money I had given away to others. I couldn't sleep that night. Yet, I know sampling works. In no time, others also got results and most also wanted to become a customer and/or distributor.

I started setting goals for myself and my first goal was to earn enough before the end of 2021 so that I could cancel my benefits. In addition, my goal was that I wanted to be Jupiter by the end of the year, so that I could fully enjoy the discount and that Marco and I can eat the products 'for free'. Finally, I had set the goal that I would like to earn some extra money, to be able to renovate our house. I have achieved all three of my goals and I am very happy that I embarked on this adventure.

I love taking care of my health, hearing the results of others, and feeling financially healthy and independent. I am no longer dependent on others.

I am an inquisitive person and I like to give presentations. I have already organized 6 'warm' markets and every time it is very satisfying.

For the new year I also want to work with the Zoya products and I would like to organize workshops with Lotte about nail polish and lipsticks. I can't wait to get started; I'm already fantasizing about this. I also intend to provide bootcamp training in my own playground, where participants can discover Beyuna Protein and get acquainted with Magnesium and/or Power. I don't know yet how I'm going to shape that, but I'm going to work that out and make it more concrete in the new year. In short, I enjoy every day. Beyuna is an enrichment of my life and I look forward to everything to come. Finally, I would also like to contribute to optimal awareness among my network about 'real' health and how I and Beyuna can play a role in this.