Testimonial Mordechay

After my friend Vanessa had been ‘bugging’ me for a while, I decided to (finally) get involved with Beyuna. Vanessa told me I just had to get to know Beyuna; the products, and the business model. After talking to the owner, Paul Gebbink, I was swept up.

I told him that I saw a lot of opportunity for high-quality food supplements in the world of dancing, as dancers often get injured, and that I’d like to do a little work. Doing just a little work was a little harder than I expected.

I can now safely say that I find Beyuna addictive.

I should add that this is also partly because I began to use the products after I had an accident during a training session where I fractured my sternum. The doctor who treated me told me it would take around 3 months to heal. I’m now allergic to doctors who make predictions! After just two weeks, I was no longer in pain thanks to a combination of CBD and FLX.

A few words on the business:

If a lot of people around me are warning me that network marketing won’t work, or that food supplements in MLM won’t work, there’s an immediate pressure to prove them wrong. A bit like with the doctor I mentioned earlier.

It’s true that with network marketing you have to be resilient. Most people who’ve come into contact with network marketing don’t have much experience with it. I say, so what. For me, that’s part of the challenge. Every NO is a step towards a YES.