Testimonial Henk & Ellen

We started with Beyuna about 18 months ago, and since then things have really changed for us. This change has literally changed the way in which we structure our week and our time. Now we drive at least once a week from Achterhoek and battle traffic jams till we get to Hoofddorp, just for the training and inspiration we get at the training center. We have our own company alongside Beyuna, and a full-time job. There, too a shift is slowly taking place.

The inspiration we get from Beyuna is an eye-opener in our work and influences the way in which we work as well as our day-to-day lives.

In short: "Success is not an accident. Beyuna has given us the tools".

The changes brought about by Beyuna go even further. We’ve noticed that our thought processes are changing. We dare to think bigger and think in terms of opportunities rather than obstacles. Beyuna has taught us to build a successful business and to reach for our dreams. And to make those dreams come true, we don’t need anyone except ourselves and the people around us, who we choose. People, we’re happy working with! We’ve learned to improve our listening skills and to make connections.

The Beyuna College gave us a huge boost. What an amazing two days, with inspiring speakers, new insights, and of course Jeffrey M. Smith opening our eyes to GMOs and the real dangers they pose. And to top it all, we came second place for the Top Sales award. That was a huge surprise and a wonderful feeling!

Lastly, we are becoming increasingly aware of the value of this opportunity and the fact that we can offer it to other people. Beyuna can help people change. This is an amazing thing, and we hope that we’ll be able to inspire many other people in the future.

Thank you, Beyuna!

We wish Henk and Ellen every success with their business!