Testimonial: Getty & Oeds

We are Oeds and Getty from a small village in Friesland where we live with our 2 teenage sons.

We have been using Beyuna products for almost a year now and everyone in our family has improved considerably. Oops, I mean that we are back at 100% but that is sometimes so awkward after all those years of hoping for progress and to be so fit and healthy now.

Where we got stuck with regular care and help and were less than 75% of our energy, help was also offered where I got goose bumps. Putting a child on the ritalin without looking at the cause or trying to get a mother on the antidepressant without looking at where the request for help came from made me immerse myself in it. In my work as a self-employed person in maternity care, I also saw mothers every week with 'complaints' to which no professional had a solid answer and sometimes with a burnout or depression.

This really affects me, so I thought it was time for a change and starting with myself!

Then I came to Klaas and Epke on an info evening in Surhuisterveen, where I was immediately explained everything and I saw the links between the causes and deficiencies instead of fighting symptoms! The next evening that they organized I went with Oeds and because of my enthusiasm in the meantime and the information he also received this evening, the registration was done within a week as Mercury and now it has risen to Jupiter within a year! Since then Klaas and Epke have become good (business) friends and we see how sincere and kind they work and are very helpful.

Now that we all feel better, I can achieve my next goal at the end of this month by being able to guide a presentation in our village. For women who (want to) become pregnant or who are already pregnant. Every maternity I tell what I know and see that many have never heard the right information and are overjoyed that I can immediately use the right products! Very valuable and therefore an extension of what I do for my healthcare company.

We aim to build our 2nd home on Bonaire. Nico and Carole (also our upline) went there last month during their vacation, to see how everything is going at our building site and Carole has already made some contacts there and discussed Beyuna, how cool is that! So much collaboration and your own company that you can continue to carry on there.