Testimonial Dyveke

My name is Dyveke Kok. I am a mother of two lovely boys, and I live with my family in Hilversum. My expertise lies with (medicinal) cannabis/CBD. As a coach and therapist, I commit myself every day to optimize people's health. Supplements play an important role in this, with the condition that they are easily absorbable, vegan where possible, and free of junk. This is reflected in the Beyuna products.

I will never forget my first experience with Beyuna. After a lecture I gave about CBD, I spoke with Eric (later my sponsor) about the difference between an iron deficiency and an iron absorption deficiency. He gave me a jar of Beyuna vitamin C to take home to try. Now I always took supplements, only with this product I noticed that it really did something in my body. Not long after, I met owner Paul Gebbink, a man who dares to think 'differently' as I do. Unfortunately, cannabis still has a negative stigma. I also saw a similar prejudice in network marketing, while it is a very smart and honest way of doing business. And it's also a lot of fun!

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that Eric and Paul gave me to become a distributor myself, as well as the guidance from Loekie, Laura and others. I have now built up a nice team that gives me a lot of energy. I enjoy the mutual cooperation and love to share my knowledge and experience. I learn a lot from my Beyuna colleagues, both about supplements and about entrepreneurship. That is where the strength lies: you don't have to know everything 100% yourself.

With Beyuna I stimulate my health squarely: in addition to physical and mental health, I also work on my financial health. And I help others do the same, how cool is that! What I also like is that I have the opportunity to do business internationally, because products are delivered worldwide. Finally, it is nice to know that what I am building now, I can pass on to my children.

Beyuna is one of the best choices I've ever made.