Testimonial Dante

My name is Dante Albertus, 24 years old, and I was born and raised in Eindhoven. In 2019, however, I left the nest to follow the master's program "Management in the Built Environment" at TU Delft.

It is often said college is the best time of your life. But although I achieved good results and was active at a study association, this conviction was not mine. I often felt apathetic, burned out and indifferent. I was, as my mother once put it, not the healthy and energetic young man I should be at this age. I can tell you that is painful to hear.

But I knew she was right and decided to change course in the summer of 2020

I was convinced that my diet was excellent, so it couldn't be the fault (now I know better!). And so I decided to seek professional help and went to therapy with Karin Lepelaars. From that moment on my life changed significantly. Karin helped me map out my life goals and transform my negative mindset into a predominantly positive one. In addition, she brought about awareness in me with regard to the importance of good supplementation. It was in this way that I came into contact with Beyuna products.

At that point supplementation was actually nothing new to me. I have ingested all kinds of capsules, tablets and solutions over the years, but never had any noticeable effect. That is why I was quite skeptical about Beyuna's products. Why would this work? And then that ridiculously high price! But I still gave it a chance and soon started to feel a lot better. Where I used to cycle home quickly between lectures to be able to lie in bed for half an hour, nowadays I have the energy to work long hours and work on my future.

I am far from where I want to be with my health. But Beyuna helps me through her supplements and a bit of re-education when it comes to nutrition to get back to the healthy and energetic young man I should be. And when Karin told me that there is also a great business opportunity involved, the circle was complete. Helping people live healthier and more conscious lives while building financial freedom? Say no more!