Testimonial Daene

My name is Daene Deelen van Grevenbroek. Last year around this time I underwent surgery and I lost my job in the retail trade due to my physical problems. It was no longer physically possible. The children were flying the nest so I asked myself: what am I going to do now?

I decided to attend an ‘OpenCoffee Club’ meeting with my husband. I met someone from Beyuna who convinced me to take a look at an opportunity meeting. I was excited from the very first presentation! I thought the supplements were great, I saw opportunities and it made me happy, very happy even!

This is what I wanted: to be able to make allowances for my physical limitations without problems. Doing something that allows me to determine my own hours and working environment. Working with whom I want and now I feel better both mentally and financially.

I was still a bit cautious so I started as Mercury to see if I remained as enthusiastic over the initial period. In less than two months, I had already found two distributors who were as enthusiastic as I was. “This is better,” I thought. Last month I decided to become Jupiter because the discount is considerably higher. In addition, a nice distributor would come along and I knew by now: this is so much fun! I am not giving this up anymore! No sooner said than done: I became a Jupiter and I signed up a new distributor. Now I want to focus on my goal for the coming year: as a distributor and experienced expert, I want to sign up five more distributors.