Testimonial Astrid

I am Astrid Spruit, 39 years old, mother, enterprising woman and the founder of Positieve Kijk, my company, which I work on with a lot of love and passion.

I help women to live a more loving, happier and relaxed life. I live my life in flow and I can create and manifest. This is my Creative Flow Lifestyle, enjoying my life in freedom so that I can surround myself with who I want, where and when I want. Since I guide many women in the field of awareness and changing mindset, Beyuna is the perfect addition for me. I can now support my customers in all areas of their health: mentally by learning to look differently, but also physically with these natural products that take care of the body from the inside.

In addition, I ended up in a very nice team. I get help from all sides, whenever and wherever I want. Not only from my own upline... No, the whole line helps! Naturally, as a family, we take all products ourselves. I am very satisfied with it and I really notice a difference.

I get help from all sides, whenever and wherever I want

Like many others, I started at the position Earth. After a month of full focus, I already went to Mercury and I am still a little bit away from Mars. My goal now is to hop on to Jupiter and create a solid downline. Find at least five nice entrepreneurs who, just like me, love these products and want to share this with and around the world. I am very grateful!